Free Smartphone Giveaways 

Did you know that cell phone and smartphone companies giveaway free phones every year? Yes it's true! companies such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Blackberry and many others giveaway free smartphones for promotional purposes and to get feedback on their products.

These companies giveaway thousands of smartphones to many individuals. We have partnered with them to bring you these free smartphone giveaways. You can sign up for your favorite phone or sign up with all of the giveaways. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose, it's 100% Free!

Below you will find the most up to date giveaways for the newest and best smartphones on the market right now. Please bookmark our site and check back regularly for new smartphone giveaways.

You can upgrade to a Smartphone or get your next new Smartphone for Free!


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Top Selling Smartphones

There are many Smartphones out in the market right now but there are only a few worth buying. The Apple iPhone 4 is currently the best selling Smartphone. Overall, Apple accounted for 14 percent of all smartphone sales, which placed the Cupertino-based company in third place behind Samsung (23 percent) and LG (18 percent). Apple beat out competitors HTC, Motorola and Research in Motion (RIM). The Android OS which has been steadily growing as many phone makers have adopted the platform for their smartphones. The top 10 selling Android Smartphones are:

1) Samsung Galaxy S II

2) Motorola Atrix 4G

3) HTC Thunderbolt

4) LG Optimus 3D

5) Google Nexus S

6) Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

7) Kyocera Echo

8) Samsung Epic 4G

9) HTC Inspire 4G

10) Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Best Cell Phone Service Providers

Having a good cell phone or Smartphone is great but having a good service provider is even better. Everyone hates dropped calls, low signal bars, and busy networks. So if you were wondering who the best cell phone service providers are? Well here is a list of the 2011 top 10 cell phone service:

1) Verizon Wireless

2) AT&T

3) Sprint

4) T-Mobile

5) Boost Mobile

6) Cricket

7) Virgin Mobile

8) U.S. Cellular

9) Metro PCS

10) TracFone

Fun iPhone Apps

Here are some fun time wasters for your iPhone. These apps are pretty cool.

1) Wreck This App - A virtual version of a similarly titled book by artist Keri Smith. It's a chance to unleash your artistic wild side, scribbling purposefully on blank pages, photos, and silly sketches alike, unlike the book you can wreck all over again when you're done, this app is priced at $4.99 and works on the iPad too.

2) Songify - Auto tuning everyday life is now possible with songify, an app made by the geniuses behind auto tune the news and bed intruder. Talk about anything and it becomes a song and it's very addictive. This is free with optional in-app purchases.

3) The Warhol : D.I.Y Pop - You can use this app to create Andy Warhol versions of yourself, family, friends, and even canned goods. You can also learn Andy's artistic process as you use the app, this isn't some silly photoshop filter but this is a screen printing class brought to you by the Warhol museum. This app costs $1.99

4) Infographics - Can't get enough of the infographic mania sweeping the web, now you can have non stop info fun on the go with this free app.

5) Futurama Head-A-Jar Creator - If you ever wished you could be drawn by The Simpson's creator Matt Groening but didn't have $10 million bucks to bribe him with it's your lucky day, this free app lets you use the same tools gamers use to make their Wii or Xbox avatars. So you can make a Futuramafied version of yourself then of course set it afloat in a jar because in a 1000 years that's all that is going to be left of you if you're lucky.

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